Texting: Increasing the Risk of Educational and Employment Inadequacy?

Texting is undoubtedly a popular form of modern communication. Could the overuse or overindulgence of texting however, create a problem for employment or educational imbalance? Beyond traditional letter writing, telephone conversations, stenography or Morse code, the sophistication of communicating in all realms of society is mind-boggling. While every generation has its own slang or colloquial speech, we must be cognizant of the appropriate dialogue to use with specific applications.There is increased conversation and debate about the perils of texting. Many kids in particular, become more dependent on the speed, language and convenience of texting. Oftentimes, spelling is challenged due to the overuse of instant abbreviated messaging and less on how to effectively utilize the principles of oral and written communications. Texting has become an everyday habitual obsession, as opposed to using this form occasionally. For those who religiously text every day, do you think this affects your writing and spelling skills?In areas where employment opportunities are available, some reports are finding that employers cannot fill these positions due to a communication impediment. In other words, employers witness many young candidates in particular, applying for jobs, who are unable to fill out a job application clearly and completely. Their use of text language, unrecognizable acronyms, lack of adequate communication skills and inappropriate interviewing attire, spills over into a more formal or professional setting where such things are deemed unacceptable. Their lack of preparation works against them. Some organizations recognize that this is a problem beyond school classrooms and are implementing community programs to help these students get better prepared in effective communication and job preparation.Our society is surrounded by shorter and quicker methods of gaining access to information, communicating and responding to certain calls for action. Teens aren’t the only ones facing shorthanded catastrophe due to a lack of preparation skills and communication. When adults are unable to complete the employment process not associated with foreign language linguistics, it is usually an indication of functional illiteracy in many cases.Although the extensive use of text messaging could present limitations on specific types of communication and protocol, it could also be advantageous in situations not conducive to verbal interaction. Like Morse code, texting could get an emergency message out promptly. Like stenography, texting could get a lot of important information reduced in a short amount of space. Habitual shorthand conversations could be just as critical as a surgeon who takes short cuts by performing abbreviated life saving operations. As long as texting is used in an applicable way, then inadequacy in the fundamentals of communication and education will not be at risk.

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