Language is Being Passed on to Younger Generations

At this crucial stage, the language is being passed on to younger generations and is used among all generations for daily interactions. Once the language is used within the family, it will also likely be used for interactions in the community, thus establishing a terminology community. However, the language is used largely for informal functions, such as shopping and talking to relatives, and not for more formal functions like education or government. This stage is crucial in reversing terminology shift because maintaining the language at this stage is largely dependent on family decisions to speak the language, which are difficult to influence.At another stage the vocabulary is being used daily among all generations both at home and in the community at this stage, but more important, literacy in the minority language is also prevalent. Literacy is crucial because it raises the status of the minority language,

increases the number of functions the language can serve, and allows for communication across distance and time, which enables the minority language community to communicate its own viewpoints, beliefs, and values in the media.At this point, majority vocabulary literacy is developed through formal schooling, however minority language literacy development is supported largely through home and community efforts in several different stages:Stage One: Minority vocabulary is used in the national media, higher education, and the government.Stage Two: Local mass media is available in the minority language, along with some governmental services.Stage Three: The minority language is used both in school and in the workplace, especially where there is interaction with majority language speakers.Stage Four: Education is available through the school system in the minority lingo, and those educational programs are controlled by members of the groupy expressions community. StageFive: Literacy in the minority language is common across all generations, although it is not supported through the school system.Stage Six: The minority language is spoken by all generations and, importantly, is learned by children as a first language. It is also used in the community.Stage Seven: Speakers of the group expressions belong to the older generations. Younger generations, including those of childbearing age, do not speak the minority lingo.Stage Eight: The few remaining speakers of the group language are socially isolated. At this point, it is necessary to record and research the language for future revival.

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